Paranormal House (Barcelona)

This story is based on real events. Mysterious disappearance of a family. The priest, a close friend of the family, set out in search of the best detectives in the city, but all of them also mysteriously disappeared as soon as they began their investigation.

His team – the only detectives who are dedicated to investigating the paranormal and mysterious facts, those who accepted to enter the house again and to find out the truth of what is happening there inside.

Our game is presented in the form of rooms. As soon as you escape from one room, it takes you to another, and so on, until the game ends. Leaving the room is not as easy as it may seem. To get out of them, you will have to study each corner, look in the drawers, tables and even search in the objects, clothes and everything that belongs to the old inhabitants of the house, until they solve their secrets! And be careful, maybe the house is still alive. Who knows, what’s wrong with her?


Difficulty level: 4/10

The minimum age to play the room is from 16 years. Minors must go with adults

There is a possibility to choose the level of fear: Mystery Mode without Actors and Scare Mode with Actors


Tiempo de juego
Carrer de los Castillejos 287
08025 Barcelona
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