Pandemic (Barcelona)

In 2020, a terrible epidemic invaded the entire world. The Coronavirus COVID-19 first appeared in China and then spread to Europe and the United States. In many countries, a state of emergency and quarantine was introduced. All the people had to remain locked up in their homes for several months.

Spain quickly became the second country in number of infected, and despite the fact that a vaccine was found to stop lung damage in patients, the virus continued to spread from one person to another, infecting more than half of the planet’s population and soon mutated.

The mutated virus affected the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus. From a rational person the victims became uncontrollable animals, the mental abilities, the logical thought, the speech and the self-consciousness ceased to exist, the instincts seized the person. The worst thing is that in the new form of the virus, the incubation period was more than a month and the symptoms began to appear gradually. Heads of many states have gone mad, the world was completely paralyzed, and healthy people had to survive. Those who remained in their sanity joined together and built barricades in the city center. Those who manifested symptoms of the disease and cognitive impairment were pulled out of the barricades.

Fortunately, Doctor Juan Domínguez, has founded a laboratory in an abandoned air raid shelter in the center of Barcelona and was able to obtain positive results in the treatment of patients with a new form of the virus. The Doctor’s method was to accelerate the course of the disease. The infected person quickly reaches the extreme stage of the disease, while his immunity is not yet weakened and his body is not conquered by the disease. In cases when the infected begins to demonstrate the violation of cognitive abilities, immunity is already defeated and there is no possibility of salvation!
All those who stayed inside the barricades will be required to have a test and, in case of a positive test, receive treatment.

You have choose the day and time of your visit to the laboratory.

Level of difficulty: 7/10

The minimum age to play the room is from 16 years. Minors must be accompained by adults


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