Pandemic (Barcelona)

In 2020, a terrible epidemic invaded the whole world. The Coronavirus COVID-19 spread rapidly to all countries. Spain became the second country in number of infected, and despite the fact that a vaccine was found that lowered the risk of death, the virus continued to spread from one person to another, infecting more than half of the planet’s population and soon it mutated.

The mutated virus affected the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus. From a rational person the victims became uncontrollable animals, mental abilities, logical thinking, speech and self-awareness ceased to exist, instincts took over the person.

The world was paralyzed, Heads of many States have gone mad, the economy suffered a deep crisis.

Luckily, Doctor Juan Domínguez, has founded a laboratory in an abandoned bomb shelter in the center of Barcelona and was able to obtain positive results in the treatment of patients with a new form of the virus.

But after the publication of the reports of his experiments, the Doctor disappeared without a trace.

You will have to enter a secret laboratory in a bunker where you will have to recreate the vaccine created by the Doctor to save humanity.

If your cognitive functions are not affected by the virus, you can do this job successfully.

Level of difficulty: 7/10

Level of horror: 5/10

The minimum age to play the room is from 16 years. Minors must be accompained by adults


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